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  • Natalie's story..A brave and beautiful lady

    Natalie reached out to me one day on Facebook..She had hair loss due to a thyroid problem. It really bothered her, once having had thick hair. She asked me if I could help her..and if i'd ever seen anyone would hair loss like hers. I explained that she is not alone. It is very common. There are many affordable choices in quality synthetic wigs that she could chose from. From there we booked an appointment for a consultation..she tried a few on and settled for this beautiful Nicole...the smile that lit up her face totally made my day!!! She was beautiful before and after getting her wig...both inside and out

  • Kim's Story of strength and bravery

    A FRIEND/ CLIENT WHO I MET LAST YEAR THROUGH ONE OF MY ADS ON FACEBOOK. WE BECAME GREAT FRIENDS. THIS IS HER STORY. Hi my name is Kimberly Chapple & I am 43 years old. First of all I want to say I'm so proud of each of u ladies it takes great courage to do alternative things but totally doable. As a young girl I had so much hair like literally feet down by a young adult I began to have some medical struggles & was diagnosed with of these symptoms was thinning hair. I found this so difficult and I tried multiple different treatments...some helped a bit some did nothing but drain my wallet. My self esteem was hurt...I felt ugly and defeated. Between the age of 24-32 I gave birth to 5 children including a set of twins totally miraculous!! My health struggled, I had multiple infections, surgeries, chronic illnesses. In 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.. I had several surgeries& my treatment was harsh.. one of the hardest hit was my hair.. it began to fall out in patches. I already felt i had lost so much,i cried buckets of tears. I wanted to hide and not be out in my community...I was embarrassed by my appearance. Then one day I was scrolling thru facebook and this ad showed was Laura who has a wig shop in Timmins. I sent her a message & she was so amazing. She didnt make me feel ugly and In fact she made me feel so good inside. She did a video chat with me where she showed me a few different styles of wigs and then sent me a few to try. I picked Gwen and then it sat in the box for a few weeks till I had the courage to put it on. I wore it only at home for awhile till one day I finally put on my big girl panties and I went out in public. This was so hard...many people didn't recognize me and it took time for my family to adapt. But consistency was key and I just kept on wearing it.. each day loving it more. My confidence grew & people commented on how Good I looked this helped me to adjust. I'm so grateful for this option of beauty and I encourage u all to keep smiling. Hard times produce inner beauty! Thanks

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  • Wigs & Headwear | Razors Edge Wig Boutique | Shopping Timmins Best Wigs Canada

    ​ We are an online and in person wig boutique located in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. We offer our customers a vast selection of brand name products. Why buy in the USA or Asia and pay duty when you can buy from a local Canadian company. We offer great customer service, virtual consultations and free shipping on orders over $99! SOME OF OUR BEAUTIFUL LADY FRIENDS WEARING OUR WIGS IMG_2421 Unfiltered- Raquel Welch colour- shaded biscuit Unfiltered- Raquel Welch Unfiltered- Raquel Welch Shaded Biscuit NEW IMAGE- NICOLE- Mono part, Lace front Our friend is wearing Nicole which features a lace front hair line and mono part IMG_2421 Unfiltered- Raquel Welch colour- shaded biscuit 1/33 FEATURED WIGS Quick View Unfiltered- Raquel Welch Regular Price C$574.95 Sale Price C$517.46 Quick View UPPER CUT-GABOR Price C$224.95 Quick View SOFT & SUBTLE -PETITE/AVER- GABOR Price C$374.95 Quick View ON EDGE- GABOR Price C$354.95 Quick View Unfiltered- Raquel Welch Regular Price C$574.95 Sale Price C$517.46 Quick View UPPER CUT-GABOR Price C$224.95 Quick View SOFT & SUBTLE -PETITE/AVER- GABOR Price C$374.95 Quick View ON EDGE- GABOR Price C$354.95 OUR WIG COLLECTIONS SHOP NOW The NEW IMAGE collection provides affordable luxury- excellent quality and a variety of styles, lengths and colours. Easy care, comfort and value! SHOP NOW Headwear SHOP NOW The MODA + BELLA collection is small yet sleek, beautiful and effective. SHOP NOW RENE OF PARIS- NORIKO WHETHER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR RAZOR- TEXTURED , SLEEK AND SMOOTH, VOLUMINOUS LAYERS AND LENGTH, OR RICH BEAUTIFUL COLOURS, THIS COLLECTION OFFERS YOU FLEXIBILITY TO ALLOW YOU TO CREATE THE LOOK AND STYLE YOU WANT! ​ ​ SHOP NOW GABOR is carefree confidence. Fine quality and comfort. The freedom to spend time doing the things you love, knowing your hair looks beautiful and believable. Park avenue quality without its price. Discover the simple, carefree joy of owning a Gabor wig SHOP NOW RAQUEL WELCH Enormous advances in technology have allowed color improvements, better fibers and constructions and wear-ability which means they are more natural looking and more user friendly than in the past SHOP NOW EPRESSIONS Collection has evolved now more than ever to meet the rapid changes and needs of modern woman. quick change opportunities are a must in this fast paced society. From demure and subdued and natural looking to more glamorous, expressions has them all! SHOP NOW Revlon / Orchid Collection Shop Now Human Hair New Image Shop Now 100% Remy Human Hair Collection Shop Now TONY OF BEVERLY SHOP NOW Our Mission. Bringing to the world the highest quality hair products available. We are dedicated to ensure that all of our products are produced in a fair, ethical and sustainable way. Jon Renau Smart Lace Collection Shop Now Our lace front wigs have each hair hand tied to the lace creating the illusion of natural-growing hairline. The finally woven lace front conforms to the shape of your head for a secure fit- you'll feel like it was made just for you ​ Jon Renau Heat Defiant HD Collection Shop Now Exclusive line of heat resistant wigs designed to give you the power to reinvent your look every day. Flat iron, crimp and curl your heat resistant synthetic wigs just like human hair ​ ​ ​ Jon Renau Mono Top Collection Shop Now Our monofilament wigs feel soft and silky inside the cap due to the exclusive double monofilament or double layer construction. Our Mono Top wigs can be styled and parted in any direction, just like natural hair ​ ​ SHOP NOW Jon Renau Classic Collection JR- CLASSIC COLLECTION The original machine made wigs Jon Renau introduced in 1985. Easy care, comfort and most value of all synthetic wigs VIDEOS ​ ENJOY 30% OFF SELECTED JON RENAU WIGS EVERY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY! SHOP ALL ENJOY 10-30 % SAVINGS ON MANY OF OUR WIGS! SHOP ALL FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM At Razors Edge, our customers come first and we pride ourselves on making sure you find exactly what you have in mind. If you need assistance, ideas, or special service, just ask and we’ll be happy to help. (705) 267-7355 313-210 Spruce St S, Timmins, ON P4N 2M5 Contact Us Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • ABOUT | Razors Edge Wigs

    Razors EDGE was established in 2014. We felt that a wig boutique was needed for Timmins and the area. Our passion for this cause and love for people inspired us in the beginning and continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves on offering a superior shopping experience combined with warmth, friendship and have built many long-term relationships with our happy, returning customers. Pay us a visit and try for yourself! And now with the online store, our customers have even more choices at their fingertips! Blessings to all Laura

  • RETURN POLICY | Razors Edge Wigs

    RETURN POLICY NO REFUNDS- EXCHANGE ONLY! We fully understand that online shopping can be a challenge, and at times a customer receives their wig and it is not suitable. This could be due to style, colour choice or size. When you receive your wig, it is very important to handle it carefully until you are sure it will work for you. PLEASE USE PROVIDED NET ON HAIR BEFORE TRYING ON THE WIG AND SANITIZE YOUR HANDS PRIOR TO TOUCHING THE WIG DUE TO COVID. Please do not remove any tags until you are 100% happy and certain you are keeping the wig. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, please notify us immediately by email ( ) or telephone (1-705-262-7834 OR 1-705-267-7355), so that we may begin the process of finding you a replacement OR a non expiring credit for future use. You have 10 days from the date you received the product to return it to us. Also, please keep in mind not all products are eligible for return or exchange as per the details below: Eligible Products: Unworn Unaltered Tags Attached In its original box, wrapping, net, etc. Original invoice to accompany return Ineligible Products: Clearance Items (always a final sale) Discontinued Items (always a final sale) Care and Accessory Products, Liquids, Wig Stands, Brushes, etc. You are responsible for all shipping charges when returning a product or sending it back for exchange. It is mandatory that you send it with tracking information option ​

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